Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is this possible


definition of virtue:To feel good about self as well as each and every thing / life-form that exists. To try to co-exist in as harmonious a way as possible and to perform actions keeping in view the ultimate aim.

what's the ultimate aim?
the ultimate aim is to become free of all the vices and reach a state where no thing or situation can disturb the harmony. In other words 'accepting everything that comes in the path of existence as it is.'

Still am not very clear. Seems guidance or deep reflection is needed for further clarity. I know its difficult to gain, but its a part of existence to keep on hoping and trying to realise the ultimate aim.


I was just wondering what is 'positive-thinking'...... just reflecting and arguing with self sort of thing.. I have not come to a definite conclusion yet, but whatever I reflected, I feel is a good background for further thinking.

- Is it being as virtuous as possible? (Here I will need to define 'virtue')
- When the situation is worse, and the intellect tells that there is no possible way out, then the hope which lingers yet.... is that hope which I can call 'positive-thinking'? (Here I need to keep in mind that 'hope' is one of the cardinal virtues)
- 'After all, what / how it matters at the end?' Is this a good question to ask to self, when I have make a decision or react? (Does this question create negativity and lack of interest?)
- What if I do not give a negative reaction to something that hurt me or made me feel bad? (Is it possible here that I try to direct the negativity on the other side to positivity?)

I keep this musings of mine for open discussions and comments which may help me to get a conclusion are more than WELCOME.

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shreyansh said...

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.
Yes, I can quote plenty of such quotation (after all my blog has piled up). As you very rightly said, positive thinking is to replace negative moment and create a trust which can then act as a reference point to possible answers. In this world, every thing is relative and if one try to compare the possibilities with the affirmative track, triumph pursue.